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American Health Care Reform 2010: New Potential Employment Benefits

Opponents of the new health care reform legislation contend that many small businesses will be wiped out - and the economy will suffer further.

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Insurance rates in big cities

According to the latest data available, more than one car is stolen in the United States every 24 seconds.

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Obama Health Care Reform Bill Facts

Small businesses and middle class Americans by the millions are likely to suffer - at least in the short run - because of President Obama's new healthcare plan.

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What’s the Right Age to Buy Life Insurance?

When is the best age to buy a life insurance policy to get the best rate?

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Overview – Preparations for Driving Abroad

Driving laws in foreign countries can be tricky here are a few tips to read before you travel.

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Health Care Reform Debate: Government Regulation or Free Enterprise

Health care reform will affect nearly every person in the country; the debate about who will benefit is raging right down to the wire.

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Car insurance Frauds

Car theft, arson and staged car accidents net criminals billions each year car insurance fraud claims, which insurers pass on to policy holders by raising their rates.

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Classic Car Insurance Rates

Classic cars need specialty car insurance due to their value, rarity and use.

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Healthy Habits and Health Insurance

Your health is your most important physical asset and eating a healthy diet and exercising are the best ways to maintain it.

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