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Why Does Health Insurance Cost So Much?

Health insurance is imperative if you want to protect yourself financially, but it can feel expensive. So many people wonder why health insurance costs so much and what they can do about it. 3 Reasons Health Insurance Costs are High Health insurance costs have increased recently, but not because of anything you’ve done. Here are […]

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Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Services?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, but health insurance companies may not treat it the same. The Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act passed in 2008 set out to change that for consumers, to make mental health service coverage equal to physical health coverage, […]

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When Can I Enroll in Medicare?

When you retire, health insurance should be a priority. Not having insurance through your employer means you’re on your own for healthcare coverage. In addition, as you age, your risk of needing extensive medical care increases, making Medicare enrollment important for most seniors. Typically, you’re eligible for Medicare when you turn 65 years old, but […]

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How Do Health Insurance Deductibles Work?

You likely have a deductible if you have health insurance through your employer or the marketplace. It might even be a big number, like $2,500 or more. So your health insurance deductible is an important factor in your insurance coverage. What are Health Insurance Deductibles? A deductible is the amount you must cover before your […]

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How Does Health Insurance Work Through an Employer?

Your salary isn’t the only benefit of working for a company. Many employers offer benefits, including health insurance coverage. While it might not seem like a large benefit, if your employer covers any portion of your health insurance premiums, or you can get a better policy because you’re covered with a group, it could be […]

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Does Health Insurance Cover Dental Work?

If you have health insurance but have a dental issue, you might wonder if your health insurance covers dental work. The answer is that it depends. Health insurance typically doesn’t cover dental work, especially routine or preventative dental work. However, there are a few situations where your health insurance might cover dental issues. When Does […]

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Does Health Insurance Cover a Dermatologist?

Dermatology is a highly sought after service for people suffering from acne, skin issues, and cancer. Dermatologists can diagnose over 3,000 disorders, helping men, women, and children look and feel their best. While dermatology is known for cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections, there are many necessary procedures they perform too. However, many insurance companies exclude […]

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Who Needs Health Insurance?

Health insurance is just as important as auto and home insurance. It protects you from the unexpected. So even if you think you’re in perfect health or nothing will happen to you, it’s best to have health insurance. Here’s why. Do you Need Health Insurance? Most people think health insurance isn’t just for the sick […]

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Should You Work With an Independent Insurance Agent?

Insurance is an important part of your financial planning. It protects you in those times you didn’t know you’d need help. No one can predict when/if disasters will occur, but if they do, you’ll be glad you had insurance to back you up. Insurance comes in all shapes and sizes and protects you in many […]

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