Who We Are

As a service to individuals and families needing health, auto, life, and homeowner’s insurance information since 2003, insurancespecialists.com understands the way people search for insurance. Providing up-to-the-minute insurance buying tips that save you money, we explain the insurance industry’s services, rates, and benefits so you can make informed choices. For all types of insurance, we tell you how to spend your hard earned money to obtain the most affordable policies available. The other side of the coin is that we also guide you through the details to help you get the most policy for your dollar.

In a nutshell, we offer you two simple services: you can read the information on our website to learn about insurance, and you can begin your price comparisons by getting free insurance rate quotes. We encourage our visitors to compare multiple insurers, thereby getting a feel for the real value of the policies they are considering. Before you buy, you can read about deductibles, payment options, coverage restrictions, and more.

Our sections, Auto, Health, Life, and Homeowner’s allow you to address your most urgent needs first, and then return to the same site to continue shopping. Any time you need a refresher on any aspect of insurance, bookmark this site to always have a reference handy. You can read about HMO and PPO types of health insurance coverage, or the different types of life insurance, including term life policies. Don’t choose an auto insurance policy without coming over to our site and learning how to decrease your premium by adding safety features to your vehicle.

Insurance agents usually sell only one company’s policies. Before restricting yourself in that way, compare our multiple agents’ quotes and then choose an insurer. Don’t be swayed by a gecko or a duck when you can base your decisions on facts. insurancespecialists.com will help you cage the menagerie and corral the coverage you need.

Our Values

Integrity in Action

Whether it’s with our customers or vendors, every promise made is a promise kept. We consistently deliver with transparency and honesty, living up to our commitment of reliability in every interaction.

Customer-Centric Leadership

We are guides in the insurance space, always leading our customers to solutions that serve them best. We act in the best interest of those we serve, highlighting our role as servant leaders.

Inclusivity and Respect

We embrace and celebrate diversity. Everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, is met with a warm and open attitude, reinforcing the belief that “All are Welcome.”

Continuous Learning

Grounded in our vast experience and understanding, we never stop learning and adapting. Every challenge faced is an opportunity for growth, showing our dedication as leaders in our industry.

Authentic Communication

In every conversation, written or spoken, with vendors or customers, we are genuine, honest, and straightforward. This underscores our commitment to reliability and our intent to make everyone feel welcomed.


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