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Home Foreclosures Remain High into Summer 2009

With the job market continuing to look bleak and unemployment heading toward double digits, the rate of home loan foreclosures is rising with no end in sight.

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Recession: Unraveling the Strands of America’s Economic Crisis

With double-digit unemployment, housing foreclosures and money-strapped stressed-out citizens, the writing was on the wall as far back as the housing boom. Prosperity in the U.S. would not last.

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Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts for Going Green

Recycled building products and environmentally-approved solar panels are just a few of the ways homeowners are addressing the issue of eco-friendly living. Insurers are rewarding homeowners with discounts for "green home insurance.

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The Insurance Industry And the Wall Street Downturn

While banks have been the focus of attention in the current credit crunch, insurers are now also experiencing financial troubles. Learn how policy holders will be affected when insurers can't meet their financial obligations.

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Student Health Insurance

Approximately 30% of college students are not covered with health insurance, while many are covered on their parent's policy. Learn about student health insurance and why it may be a better option, especially if you are not covered at all.

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Home Mortgage Foreclosures, Subprime Lending & Freddie Mac

Read about the problems facing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the resources available to help prevent mortgage loan foreclosure. With home prices dropping, some feel this is a good time to buy a house.

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Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Drug dependency takes its toll on millions of individuals and families. Learn how drug rehabilitation programs can help return a drug-ravaged person to a normal life.

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Live Better and Save Money when you Quit Smoking

In addition to improving your health and extending your longevity, consider the savings you will earn from lower insurance premiums, since many insurers consider smoking a liability.

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Faith-based Health Plans – How They Compare to Private Insurance

Read about how faith-based health plans work and why they can be a practical way to obtain medical coverage for needy families.

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