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Life Insurance for Families: How Much is Enough?

Determining the extent of coverage and the type of life insurance that will best protect a family is one of the more confusing decisions facing parents today who are attempting to plan for the future.

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The Most Basic Car Insurance You Can Buy

Liability insurance isn't just the minimum required auto insurance in most of the country, it's also the most basic insurance you can buy.

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The Current State of “ObamaCare”

Medical debt currently accounts for more than 60% of personal bankruptcies within the United States. Even at the expensive end, "ObamaCare" is likely to bring significant financial relief, and that's not all.

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How to Get Low Cost Life Insurance

Shopping online for life insurance is one way to make sure you get a low-cost policy, but it's not the ONLY way.

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Saving Money on Second Home Insurance

Is it time for an umbrella policy? If you own a second home or vacation rental property, it's something you should consider.

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Obama Health Care: How It Is Affecting Major Health Insurance Providers

23,000,000 Americans that cannot currently afford to pay for health care insurance may find themselves in better situations as soon as the new Obama Health Care plan fully kicks in.

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Umbrella Auto Insurance Policies: The Facts about Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability (umbrella) insurance plans come with low premium rates, but also with extra-high deductibles: normally at least $300,000.

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US Health Care Reform: Obama’s Latest Attempts to Force His Plan Into National Law

Democrats are being pressured by Obama to stop playing around and pass his health care bill.

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US Health Care Insurance Premiums: Justified or Outright Thievery?

President Obama's 1/2-day bipartisan health care summit is scheduled for Thursday, February 25.

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