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Presidential Candidates Propose Health Care Reform

Compare the three different approaches that the Presidential candidates have developed in order to repair the ailing health care system in America.

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Car Insurance Rates Compared for Leasing and Owning Your Car

Read about the various financial issues you need to consider when buying or leasing a new car, including car insurance expenses.

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Autos & Bicyclists: Can We Just Get Along?

Read about the factors that can cause fatal bicycle accidents and how drivers can prevent them by driving more attentively.

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Growing Support for Universal Health Care

Learn the effects of Universal Health Care on the 24 million uninsured in the US. Learn the pros and cons of Universal Health Care.

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Update President Obama’s Universal Plan Reform

Using Canada as an example of universal health care in action, read how President Obama's plan to reform the health care system will address the problem of the uninsured in the US.

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Hispanic Consumers Seek Health Insurance Online

Hispanics are an increasingly Internet-savvy consumer group that insurers and other businesses need to accommodate for with Spanish language websites.

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Insurers Now Cover Online Doctor Visits

Get information about Telemedicine, online medical services, and how two major insurers are making it available for compensation.

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Association Health Insurance Plans

Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of association health insurance plans, an alternative to private health insurance.

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Auto Insurance Rates & Credit Scoring, an Ethical Debate

Learn how your credit score may be used to determine your auto insurance rates, for better or worse.

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