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The Cost of HealthCare in 2012

Healthcare costs are still on the rise, and Obamacare has only had a limited positive effect so far, a recent study says.

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Health Care Reform will Go On Regardless of Supreme Court Ruling, Industry Leaders Say

Easier payment systems, better continuing care, and more secure medical records are all things mandated by health care reform law. If the Supreme Court rules against the law, will those things disappear? Health care leaders say no.

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Home Warranties – Are they Worth the Money?

Home warranties can be useful, but they should never be considered a replacement for homeowners insurance.

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Insurance Rate Outlook for 2012

Are insuring rates going up in 2012? Will I have to sell my house to cover my car insurance, or sell my car to get health coverage? This article looks at current insurance trends.

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Insurance and Chiropractic Care

If it's your first time visiting a chiropractor, be sure to answer all of the questions on their forms, especially if you have previous injuries.

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Insurance Purchases Begin Online

If you've heard that online car insurance shopping saves you money, you're not alone. More than half of all insurance policies sold last year were at least begun with online transactions.

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Medical Marijuana and Life Insurance

The good news: using medical marijuana will not make life insurance companies consider you a "smoker." The bad news: While you won't have to pay the smokers' rate for coverage, you may not qualify for the very best rates. It depends on the company you choose.

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Getting Life Insurance After Age 50

Buying life insurance is confusing at any age, but don't worry - your age won't preclude you from finding a good policy at a fair price.

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Pay-As-You-Drive and Save Money

Don't drive a lot? You might be able to save up to $270 per insured car by switching from standard car insurance to a Pay-As-You-Drive policy.

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