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Younger Insurance Customers Expect Online Tools

Shopping for and managing insurance coverage online is second-nature to Generation Y, consumers age 18 to 25 who represent the fastest growing entrepreneurial class in America.

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Pennsylvania Offers State Subsidized Mine Subsidence Insurance

The state of Pennsylvania offers a subsidized insurance program at affordable rates to protect more than 1 million homes in the state that sit above abandoned mines and could be damaged by ground subsidence.

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Actuaries Research Annual Cost of Obesity Epidemic

Increased health care costs and lost productivity due to an overweight and obese population in the United States has been calculated at an annual cost of $270 billion by researchers with the Society of Actuaries.

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Missouri Law Mandates Autism Coverage

Under the provisions of a new Missouri law, autistic children are entitled to annual insurance benefits for "applied behavior analysis" up to $40,000, a tremendous financial relief for their parents who say the treatment's results are significant.

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Study Finds Rising Prevalence of Defensive Medicine

Doctors fearful of legal action are increasingly ordering "defensive" test according to data collected by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Recession Dramatically Altered Small Business Insurance Habits

A survey commissioned by Insurance Journal shows that cost-cutting insurance habits adopted by small businesses during the recession may be a permanent consequence of tough economic times.

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Dental Health Neglected in the United States

A variety of socio-economic factors are leading Americans to neglect their dental health, with just 71 percent of adults seeing a dentist in 2010.

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Reforms Will Alter Health Care, Insurance in 2011

High deductibles will keep consumers away from the doctor's office in 2011 while insurers will focus on federally mandated changes to their medical loss ratio numbers as the face of health care in the U.S. begins to change.

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Events in Japan Escalate Disaster Anxiety in the United States

The events of March 11 in Japan -- earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis -- are leading Americans to evaluate their degree of insurance against disaster, many for the first time.

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