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Lawsuit May Halt Work on Louisiana Levees

Last week report: There is a lawsuit in process which may halt work to reinforce one of the New Orleans canals that broke during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. On January 5th, homeowners with backyards along the 17th Street Canal filed a civil suit in state court requesting that work be halted because they claim they […]

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Hosting a Party? Check Your Insurance Coverage

The Insurance Information Institute (III) hopes everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and offers best wishes for the various December holidays, and the coming New Year. As its gift to everyone, the III wants us all to remember to review the liability coverage in our homeowners or renters/condo insurance policies before we start planning any more […]

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Home Inventory 101

We live in a technological age, which means we all have more gadgets and gizmos than we really need, but what happens when something gets stolen, or a disaster occurs and your house is partially demolished? Without a home inventory, you’re not going to get reimbursed for everything that is missing or damaged. But how […]

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Friday Filmstrip: Insurance and Prescription Drugs

Okay, you know that some of the most common daytime and late-night television commercials are all about prescription drug plans, but why do you need one if you already have insurance? What about health savings plans – can you buy drugs with them? And how come your insurance copay is $10 for some drugs and […]

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In Brief: USAA Clients Targeted by Internet Scammers

While internet scams abound, the latest involves USAA, an insurance and banking company that caters to military personnel. The company is currently investigating an email scam that attempts to gathering personal information from its customers. The scheme in question is directed at a wide range of people, some of whom may be USAA clients, said […]

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Insurance Brief: Lloyd’s to Open Russian Office

Lloyd’s, the high-end insurance company known for covering things like the hands of concert pianists, announced recently that it has plans to open an office in Russia sometime in 2011. According to the bulletin it released, the corporate office at has determined that, “…a dedicated country manager will enable Lloyd’s to better understand and explore […]

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Flu Shot FAQ

It’s November, which means red cups at Starbucks, holiday decorations everywhere, and lots of people coming down with the flu. The first two things can be avoided if they don’t suit you, but the flu is pretty much a given…or is it? Newer, better flu shots are available. If you’re considering one, here’s what you […]

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Insurance and Acupuncture: What You Need to Know

While some people still think of acupuncture as an exotic treatment that is only for the rich elite or the extremely eclectic, the reality is that this is a valid treatment for many kinds of muscle pain, as well as such conditions as asthma and bronchitis. It’s also been recognized as such by the World […]

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Five Bizarre Insurance Claims (That We SWEAR We Didn’t Make Up)

Okay, we know that people sometimes make insurance claims for some truly bizarre reasons, but these are more bizarre than most. Since this is Halloween week, we’ve decided to share them with you: Shooting a Monkey: There’s no doubt that law enforcement work is a high-stress job, but even police officers can take emotional duress […]

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