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U.S. Sanctions Trigger Lloyd’s of London’s Refusal to Insure Iranian Petroleum Imports

While the oil spill on U.S. shores remains to be stopped, last week President Obama signed into law new sanctions designed to limit fuel imports into Iran, and increase the Islamic Republic’s international isolation. On the heels of that announcement came another: the British insurance company Lloyd’s of London, known for insuring high risk properties, […]

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Five Bizarre Things People Insure

It’s a new month, so we’re taking a break from talking about BP and healthcare and instead offering a lighter topic. We’ve all heard of insuring homes, cars, and boats, but what really odd things do people insure? Here are five: Specific Body Parts: We’ve all heard of concert pianists insuring their hands, but last […]

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How Does Alcoholism Affect Life Insurance?

If you’ve ever applied for life insurance, you know that the health questionnaire asks about whether or not you drink alcohol, and if so, how often. While some of you may be concerned that admitting to the occasional beer or cocktail will change your coverage eligibility, this is not the case. It is only when […]

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Tropical Storm Alex Affects BPs Recapture Plans

Reuters is reporting that the high waves expected to come as Tropical Storm Alex passes through the Gulf of Mexico will delay BP Plc’s plan to increase oil-capture capacity to up to 53,000 barrels a day. This is according to a company executive. Kent Wells, senior vice president of exploration and production shared with reporters […]

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20% of 2008’s New Life Insurance Policies Came from the Internet

People shop for car insurance whenever they purchase a new vehicle, or pay off an auto loan. They begin to compare homeowners insurance rates while still looking for their dream home. But how do people begin the search for life insurance? According to a joint project conducted earlier this year by LIMRA (the Life Insurance […]

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Texas Uninsured Rate Highest in Nation; Employers Feeling the Financial Pain.

Health Leaders InterStudy, a Nashville, Tenn.-based provider of managed care market intelligence, is reporting that Dallas, Texas area employers are having to pay higher premiums in order to provide health insurance coverage for their employees, because the region has such a high number of uninsured people. The high uninsured rate in the Dallas region, according […]

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Meet the MIB – that’s Medical Insurance Board, not Men in Black

With all the talk of health insurance reform, including much reference to pre-existing conditions, and rules on when coverage may be canceled by an insurer, it’s natural to wonder exactly who is “in charge” of all that information. The answer? The MIB, that stands for Medical Insurance Board, and they’re a membership organization owned by […]

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Americans will Work Longer to Keep Luxuries, Survey Says

Recent reports shows that more and more American citizens are postponing retirement in order to maintain lifestyles which include little luxuries. The company surveyed more than five hundred financial advisers – professionals who deal with everything from life insurance policies to general accounting – 61 percent of whom said that their clients are less concerned […]

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AIG Did Not Ignore Red Flags, Judge Says

Reuters reported earlier this week that a federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit against AIG. The suit accused both current and former American International Group, Inc., directors and executives of ignoring the “red flag” warning signs that lead to the insurers near-demise and necessitated $180 billion in Federal bailout funds. On Tuesday, […]

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