In Brief: USAA Clients Targeted by Internet Scammers

November 8, 2010

While internet scams abound, the latest involves USAA, an insurance and banking company that caters to military personnel.

The company is currently investigating an email scam that attempts to gathering personal information from its customers.

The scheme in question is directed at a wide range of people, some of whom may be USAA clients, said a spokesperson for the San Antonio, TX-based insurer. Like other “phishing” scams it asks victims to visit a fake website designed to mimic USAA’s own website.

In a notice on the real USAA website, the company reminds customers that it never asks for personal information, including account information, by email. If you receive an email message from a site purporting to be USAA, and don’t believe it’s real, you should forward it to contact department to have it checked out.