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Half of Arkansas Under Exceptional Drought

The various weather services which serve the United States all say that El Niño is coming within the next two months. For some people along the West Coast, that’s bad news, but for much of the South and Midwest, the increased chances of rain, and the cold, wet winter can’t get here soon enough. Arkansas […]

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Wednesday Filmstrip: Renters Insurance

Even renters need insurance to cover their belongings. This video explains exactly how to purchase renters insurance, and what extras you may want to consider.

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Homeowners Insurance and Swimming Pools

Whether your home already has a pool, or you’re considering having one installed, there are certain things you need to know about how a swimming pool could affect your homeowners insurance. Contact your insurance company to discuss the cost of insurance with a pool, and be sure to ask if there are ways to save […]

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Life Insurance for Your Mortgage?

Many people have heard of private mortgage insurance, which pays your lender if you default on your mortgage, but what can you do to make sure your mortgage is paid off if you die? One answer is mortgage protection life insurance, and it’s essentially just another kind of life insurance. Originally, mortgage life insurance policies […]

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Affordable Life Insurance and Chronic Conditions

It’s a common myth that that certain conditions prevent you from getting life insurance. These conditions include: heavy smoking alcoholism asthma mental illness (including clinical depression) cancer a heart condition The reality is that there are life insurance programs that will sell you coverage with any of these conditions, but you’ll have to do your […]

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Friday Filmstrip: HMO vs. PPO

If you’ve ever had to select an insurance plan from a new employer, you know that two popular options are HMO and PPO, but what are they? This video from Stay Smart, Stay Healthy, via YouTube, explains the difference:

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Texas Says, “We’ll Help You Shop Around”

The Texas legislature recently filed two separate bills that would require insurance companies to be more forthcoming with customers with regard to rate increase information, and would also expand consumer resources for shopping the insurance market. In the words of Representative Armando Walle (Houston), House Bills 2723 and 2724 would, “…help consumers fully understand the […]

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AIG Repays $6.9 Billion More

It’s been a while since we wrote about AIG, but Reuters is reporting today that American International Group has returned another $6.9 billion of it’s bailout money to the U.S. Treasury, which means that 70% of the original $411 billion under the TARP plan (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has now been recovered. According to spokespeople […]

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Gen Y Consumers, Love Entrepreneurship, Prefer Tech Savviness

It’s no big surprise that more and more people are turning to the ‘net to shop for and purchase their insurance coverage, but the latest Employers Small Business Opinion Poll shows confirms that members of Generations X and Y are adamant about wanting their insurers to interact online. The survey showed that almost half (46%) […]

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