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Dumb Insurance Fraud Cases

Okay, we know that insurance fraud – whether it’s related to health insurance, auto insurance, or both, is a serious subject, and is costing many people a lot of money in increased premiums, but sometimes you just have to laugh, so we’re celebrating the first Monday in Spring with a little levity. Here as reported […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Pet Insurance

Progressive’s Pet Insurance has existed for over a year now. Here’s one of their earlier commercials mentioning it:

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Progressive Adds Pet Coverage to Commercial Auto

Thanks to Progressive, “Take Your Dog to Work Day” just got a little safer. Progressive Insurance, the first company to include specific pet coverage for animals traveling in their owners’ vehicles, has extended their pet insurance coverage. Now, business owners with auto insurance from Progressive can have their pets protected as well. Under their Pet […]

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Texting Ban Approved by Oklahoma House

A proposed texting-while-driving ban has been approved by Oklahoma’s House of Representatives. Under the conditions of the ban, texting would be disallowed for anyone driving in school zones, and prohibits motorists below the age of eighteen no matter where they are. The measure, which was written by Representative Danny Morgan (Prague) was approved in a […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Auto Insurance 101

Did you know that auto insurance is as important as homeowners insurance? Don’t worry, you’ll know even more than that after this week’s video, Auto Insurance 101.

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NM Rejects Driver’s Licence Ban for Illegal Immigrants

The New Mexico state Senate has voted against two proposals meant to prevent the state from issuing driver’s license to illegal immigrants. Both proposals were backed by senate Republicans. Unsurprisingly, the two measures under consideration failed on party-line votes, with 25 Democrats opposing the GOP proposals, and 14 Republicans supporting them. The proposals were meant […]

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Arkansas: Back Seat Belts Not Required

We all know that wearing a seat belt is required for drivers and front-seat passengers in every state but New Hampshire, and it’s generally understood that doing so helps reduce injuries in car accidents, which in turn helps keep auto insurance costs lower. The state of Arkansas recently considered legislation that would require rear seat […]

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In Brief: Oregon Helmet Law Modifications?

The state of Oregon currently requires all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, regardless of age or type of bike. Twenty members of the Oregon legislature want to change that. Specifically, they believe only bikers under the age of 21 should be required to wear helmets. State Representative Andy Olson (R) sponsored a bill to relax […]

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Oregon Re-Rating Law Working for Consumers

Thousands of residents of Oregon are happy about their lower insurance premiums, thanks to a year-old law about credit scoring, say the results of a survey by the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS). The law allows policyholders to request that their insurance company re-rate or re-price their homeowners or auto insurance policy once […]

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