Progressive Adds Pet Coverage to Commercial Auto

March 9, 2011

Thanks to Progressive, “Take Your Dog to Work Day” just got a little safer.

Progressive Insurance, the first company to include specific pet coverage for animals traveling in their owners’ vehicles, has extended their pet insurance coverage. Now, business owners with auto insurance from Progressive can have their pets protected as well.

Under their Pet Injury coverage, Progressive will pay up to $1,000 in vet bills if a dog or cat is injured in a car accident. The coverage is free with collision coverage, and applies to cats and dogs traveling in a vehicle and injured in a crash, theft, flooding, or a fire.

Why extend this to business customers?

Cory Fischer, Progressive’s product manager, explains: “With one in five companies allowing dogs at work, Fido or Fluffy are more likely to tag along in our commercial customers’ vehicles.”

Progressive’s Pet Injury coverage is also available with RV and boat insurance customers.