Arkansas: Back Seat Belts Not Required

March 1, 2011

We all know that wearing a seat belt is required for drivers and front-seat passengers in every state but New Hampshire, and it’s generally understood that doing so helps reduce injuries in car accidents, which in turn helps keep auto insurance costs lower.

The state of Arkansas recently considered legislation that would require rear seat passengers to wear seat belts as well, but it was voted down by the state House of Representatives last week.

Specifically, the Arkansas House voted 57-34 against the bill which had been sponsored by Representative Hank Wilkins (D – Pine Bluff). Among the concerns the House members had was the impact on insurance coverage, and whether or not enforcing such a requirement was a good use of police officers.

According to Wilkins, unbelted passengers in the back seat can fly forward and hit front seat passengers and drivers, or even be thrown from a vehicle in a crash.