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Georgia Insurers to Exercise Leniency

Ralph Hudgens, Insurance Commissioner for the state of Georgia, has issued an order directing insurance companies in his state to “exercise lenience” in dealing with individuals and businesses who may be struggling with their premiums due to the heavy winter storms that blanketed the state earlier this month. Between the dates of January 9th and […]

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Insurance Costs Less in Ohio

A bunch of my friends from places like California and Texas have recently relocated to various cities in Ohio. Being someone who has fulfilled her obligations to the winter weather several times over, it’s been difficult for me to comprehend why anyone would want to move there. Apparently, insurance costs a lot less there. Specifically, […]

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Wyoming Releases First Crash Report with Expanded Data

The state of Wyoming updated their data collection practices with regard to automobile crashes two years ago and have now compiled the first report using the more detailed information. The new system includes more specific information about factors like driver distractions, and what injuries were incurred. Wyoming Department of Transportation representative Stephanie Lucero said that […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Holiday Highway Safety Tips

Whether you’re heading to the stores on Black Friday or waiting til Saturday or Sunday to head home from your holiday destination, safety counts! For today’s Friday Filmstrip, we offer Holiday Highway Safety Tips. Enjoy!

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Buckle Up in the Back Seat, Study Says

Wearing your seat belt may not help you find lower auto insurance rates, but it could keep you alive – even if you’re riding in the back seat. Rear seat passengers who die in automobile accidents are twice as likely as front seat passengers to be riding without their safety belts on, an Illinois study […]

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Island Insurance Adds New Discounts

Hawaii’s largest locally owned and managed property and casualty insurance company, Island Insurance Co. Ltd., has announced the expansion of it’s existing multi-policy discount to include an additional discount on homeowners insurance. Under the new plan, customers who have both their personal auto and homeowners policies with Island Insurance will be eligible for an additional […]

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Friday Filmstrip: Car insurance rates for women

Do women really get special rates on car insurance? Actually, no. For this week’s Friday Filmstrip, here’s a video from Ehow and YouTube explaining which factors really go into rate determination.

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Questionable Insurance Claims on the Rise

The Insurance Journal is reporting today that suspicious property and casualty insurance claims rose again in the first half of 2010, as compared to the first half of 2009. The Journal cited a recent QU (questionable claims) report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which examined six categories of referral reasons for claims: property, […]

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Firing a Claim?

A man in Belfast, Maine, is facing charges that he set a car on fire, and then posted photos of the flaming vehicle on Facebook. The suspect, 36-year-old Asgard Tarick Gilbert, was arrested for felony arson roughly two weeks after local police found a1982 Mercedez-Benz smoldering on River Avenue. According to the police, Gilbert told […]

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