Tips to Save on Car Insurance With a Bad Driving Record

June 15, 2018

If you have a bad driving record, you probably think you have to pay excessive amounts for car insurance. While you might pay a slightly higher premium, there are ways that you can save. Use these simple tips to help you save more money on your car insurance.

Shop Around

If you have had a few tickets recently or you were involved in several accidents, it’s probably best to start shopping around for car insurance. Your current provider will likely either jack up your premiums or drop you entirely.

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Before that happens, start shopping with ‘high risk’ insurance companies. In other words, don’t shop at the standard insurance companies that everyone goes to. Instead, think outside of the box and try independent agencies that might be more willing to work with your situation.

Ask About Discounts

Despite your bad driving record, you may still be able to secure a few discounts on your car insurance. The most common is the bundling discount. If you have other insurance needs, see if an agent will give you a discount if you put all of your insurance policies with them. For example, if you have two cars to insure plus a home, an agent may be able to give you a discount because you give them the business for all of your insurance needs.

You don’t know which discounts an agent offers until you ask. Just inquire about what they have available and see if anything pertains to your situation. If you don’t ask, you may not even know that they exist.

Limit Your Coverage

While you need car insurance by law, you don’t have to go overboard. At the very least, you need liability insurance. If you have a car payment on your car, you’ll want full coverage. If you were involved in an accident and you didn’t have full coverage, you may end up owing the difference between the coverage your insurance provides and the amount of your outstanding car loan. That’s not a situation you want to put yourself in.

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Talk with your agent about the coverage you have to have by law as well as the coverage that will keep you out of financial distress.

Pay Your Premiums in Full

It can be tempting to spread your insurance premiums out over the course of the year, but it costs you more money. If you are already paying inflated premiums because you have a bad driving record, you may want to pay your premiums all at once. As soon as your new premium comes out, pay it in full. This way you can save on the administrative fee insurance companies charge to process your payments monthly. This won’t save you a ton of money, but every dollar counts.

Take a Driving Course

You already have the reputation of being a bad driver, so now it’s time to show insurance companies that you are willing to change. Ask your insurance agent which courses will have the greatest impact on your premium. You may be able to choose from safe driving courses and defensive driving courses. They usually only take a few hours of your time but can save you 5% to 10% on your car insurance.

A bad driving record doesn’t mean you will pay high premiums forever. Do your homework and see what you can do to show insurance companies that you are a good driver. Consider it a fresh start and use it wisely. Taking those driving courses, paying your premiums in full, and asking about discounts will give you the best chance at saving money on your car insurance.

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