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Obama Administration Takes Insurances Execs to Task

Citing the rising cost of drugs and health services, insurance industry executives defended their premium levels in a meeting at the White House on March 4, 2010 and insisted their profit margins remain low.

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No Compromise Reached at Obama’s Health Care Summit

In the wake of the failed health care summit, Congressional Democrats are contemplating a procedural end run to secure passage of their stalled reform legislation.

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Disgruntled Insurance Customer Resorts to Extortion

After an attempt to extort as much as $3 million from New York Life Insurance Company, former employee Anthony Digati could face two years in jail and a fine of $250,000.

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Insurance Companies Work to Circumvent Spending Rules

By reclassifying administrative expenses as medical costs, insurance companies are, according to a Senate panel, seeking to get around new spending rules mandated by federal health care reform.

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Need for Commercial “Green” Insurance Policies Rising

The unique requirements of green building projects will necessitate the evolution of newer, more flexible property insurance coverage as environmentally friendly, energy efficient building is predicted to double by 2013.

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AIG Expects to Repay Government Before 2013 Deadline

By divesting itself of two subsidiaries, AIG hope to open formal talks with the federal government to repay its loans before the 2013 deadline.

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Light Hurricane Season Doesn’t Mitigate Risks to Hawaii

Hawaii faces elevated risk for hurricane damage even when forecasters predict a calm year for the Central Pacific as they are in 2010.

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Natural Disasters, Lack of Preparation Bankrupting U.S.

A lack of community preparation and a rising number of natural disasters over the past 20 years has strained federal emergency response and relief funds to the point of bankruptcy.

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Obama Points to Early Health Care Changes in Radio Address

Small businesses are already benefiting from tax breaks and insurers are being held to better business practices less than two months after the passage of the federal health care reform bill.

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