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California Senators Propose Earthquake Insurance Program

Earthquake insurance would become affordable for an additional 700,000 Californians under legislation proposed by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

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New York Seeks to Streamline Claims in No-Fault Auto Accidents

An uptick in cases of fraudulent no-fault auto insurance claims has led the New York state Insurance Department to seek a tightening of related regulations.

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Congress Gets Closer to National Flood Insurance Program Reform

In an effort to avoid the lapses in coverage that have plagued the National Flood Insurance program, the House insurance subcommittee will take up debate on an overhaul plan on March 11.

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Texas Wind Insurer of Last Resort Placed Under Administrative Oversight

Suspicion of irregular claims processing has caused the Texas Department of Insurance to place the state's wind insurer of last resort under administrative oversight.

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Location Based Social Networking Can Affect Insurance Rates

Homeowners who check in with their location or post their travel plans on social networking sites may well take a hit on their homeowners insurance premiums as insurers are increasingly clamping down on this high-risk socializing.

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Critics Say Shift in Medicare Advantage Ratings Represents Political Maneuverings by Democrats

GOP critics have labeled a move by the Department of Health and Human Services to re-rate a group of Medicare Advantage Plans as nothing but a pre-election Democratic political ploy.

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Job Losses in Insurance Industry Continue to Trend Downward

Job losses in the insurance industry are partially attributable to the weakness of the real estate market and federal reforms that are necessitating expense trimming for insurers.

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Democrats Forced to Rethink Health Care Reform

Although President Obama is urging Congress to compromise and pass health care reform this year, Democrats lack the votes to break a filibuster in the Senate, forcing them to re-evaluate the legislation.

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Cape Cod Residents Get Break on Insurance of Last Resort

Residents of Cape Cod, already hit hard by the recession, received a break from the Massachusetts Division of Insurance when it refused to allow a premium hike on their already steep homeowners policies.

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