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Obama Pushes for Excise Tax on Expensive Insurance

Although President Obama has tried to stay out of the House and Senate dispute over a final version of the health care reform bill, he has singled his approval of an excise tax on high-cost policies.

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Congressional Democrats Meet to Merge Two Health Care Plans Into One

Two health plans must become one. We've explained the differences between the House and Senate plans.

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Obama Signals Willingness to Compromise on Health Care Reform

President Obama will issue his own plan for health care reform via the White House website on Monday, February 22, before meeting with Congressional leaders on Thursday, February 25.

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Rate Increase Re-Ignites Health Care Debate

Congressional Republicans find it difficult to defend WellPoint's 39% rate increase, but they differ dramatically from their Democratic counterparts over the correct response to insurance industry excesses.

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Democrats Look at Piece Meal Health Insurance Reforms

The increasingly bleak outlook for major health care reform in Congress is forcing House Democrats to turn to individual regulatory measures to rein in the insurance industry.

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Study Questions Texting Ban Results

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, laws forbidding the hand-held use of cell phones and texting while driving may not offer an increase in vehicular safety.

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Federal Flood Insurance Lapses as Congress Recesses

At midnight on Sunday, March 28, 2010, the National Federal Flood Insurance Program will expire and cannot be renewed until Congress returns from recess on April 12.

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House Democrats Pass Healthcare Reform; Republicans All Vote Against It

Republicans say they will try to block the "fix-it" healthcare bill before it leaves the Senate.

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New Hampshire Rate Hike Typifies National Insurance Debate

Insurance customers in New Hampshire, facing a 12 to 13 percent premium spike, join others across the nation demanding an explanation for spiraling costs.

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