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More Pedestrians Injured or Killed in Car Crashes – Are SmartPhones to Blame?

If you're looking at your iPhone while crossing the street, you could be the next pedestrian injured or killed in a car crash.

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Disabled Drivers Pay Higher Insurance Premiums

Why do disabled drivers pay more for auto insurance? Often it's because their vehicles are specially modified with adaptive equipment, survey says.

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Insurers Attempt to Reduce Readmissions

Highmark, an insurance provider working in Pennsylvania, says that most hospital readmissions are not only unnecessary, but are also preventable - and preventing them will save people money.

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U.S. Treasury Department Releases Premium Tax Credit Regulations

Based on these newly released regulations from the U.S. Treasury Department, the Affordable Health Care Act (aka "Obamacare") will give an even greater insurance benefit to middle-class citizens.

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New Insurance Product Insures Your Home’s Value

If you live in Ohio or Oklahoma, you may be able to insure your home against a downturn in the market, but do you need to?

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FEMA Attempting to Recoup Mispaid Disaster Relief Funds from Katrina Victims

Have you received a FEMA debt letter? New legislation makes it easier for you to appeal or request a waiver.

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Massachusetts Passes Law Banning Credit Scoring for Auto Insurance Policies

PCIAA says Massachusetts law about credit scoring changes nothing since a regulatory ban was already in effect.

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Most People Don’t Bundle for Cheap Life Insurance, Survey Says

LIMRA's new survey says that only 8% of those who can have their auto, home and life insurance with the same company actually do.

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CDC Creates New Anti-Infection Program for Cancer Patients

A combination of a website and a prevention manual are the key to teaching patients and medical staff to keep chemo patients infection-free.

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