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Chinese Hurdler Chooses Not to File Insurance Claim

Team official says Liu Xiang's focus is on healing his injured foot, not getting money from his company.

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Farmers Insurance Group Pulling Out of North Carolina

Possible hurricane losses drive Farmers out of homeowners insurance market in North Carolina

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Fireman’s Fund Insures Green Reconstruction

Californians who have their homes insured with Fireman's Fund will now have the opportunity to rebuild with green materials, in the event of a loss.

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Foreclosures Up 14% Since Last Quarter, RealtyTrac Says

RealtyTrac releases 2nd Quarter figures: one in 171 U.S. Homes received foreclosure filing in past three months.

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Texas Insurance Commissioner Talks Hurricane Ike Claims Numbers

Texas Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin says it could be up to 90 days before full impact of Hurricane Ike is known.

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After Hurricane IKE, Texas Insurers told to Suspend the Rules

Insurance companies in Texas instructed that changing ratings and/or cancelling insurance policies of hurricane survivors is not acceptable.

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Insurance Fraud Bulletins – Arson, Theft

Workers Comp fraud case goes to court in West Virginia, while arsonists are indicted in Texas.

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South Carolina to Host New Home-Testing Facility

New test facility will hold an entire house, and allow testing of storm-resistant construction techniques.

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AIG Recovers Golden Parachutes

After being lambasted by the press and taken to task by the New York Attorney General, AIG promises reforms, including no more perks or junkets.

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