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Florida paper warns of rising health insurance costs

Is health care cost America's next big crisis? The Florida Times Union thinks so.

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Edward Liddy tells Reuters that AIG is in talks to Sell Assets

AIG to retain foreign insurance lines, sell off American personal lines, per Edward Liddy

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New York Department of Insurance Schools Insurers

NY homeowners warned to call Department of Insurance if policies are cancelled improperly.

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Texas Safer from Earthquakes than Most

Earthquake insurance not a top priority for residents of Texas.

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Hosting a Party? Review Your Insurance First

Survey says significant number of homeowners aren't aware of their liability with regard to guests.

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We Need to Inventory Levees, Committee Says

Army Corps of Engineers says wonders, "Do you know where your levees are?"

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Vermont Workers’ Comp Rates to Drop 13%

Are Vermont companies safer than others? Safety programs net the state a workers' compensation rate decrease.

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California Insurers Reduce Earthquake Insurance Rates

California's top three earthquake insurers have all agreed to reduced rates, based on new damage estimate models.

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Obama Re-Election Likely to Cement Health Insurance Mandate

With President Obama re-elected health insurance industry experts believe the mandate that essentially everyone has health insurance coverage will be cemented, despite the greater worry of the national deficit.

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