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High Homeowners Rates and Ongoing Problem in Texas

The high cost of homeowners insurance in Texas has become a topic of debate between Democratic challenger Bill White, a former mayor of Houston, and incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry. According to the White campaign, the average homeowner in Texas pays approximately $626 more for household coverage than his counterparts in other states. The National […]

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California Assembly Advocates Pet Insurance Reform

You can’t declare them as dependents or write off their expenses, but to many of us, our pets really are part of the family, and many of us spend hundreds of dollars a year on pet insurance, just in case a major veterinary event occurs. Now, California Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones has taken inspiration from […]

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Florida Says Latest $25 million from BP Not Enough

The state of Florida, the Insurance Journal reports, is unhappy with BP. Again. The troubled oil company brought $25 million more to Florida on Tuesday, but the reaction was not gratitude, but criticism. Florida Governor Charlie Crist and three independently elected Cabinet members asked for more money from BP, and demanded it swiftly in order […]

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Pet Insurance Reform?

Pet lovers will be pleased to hear about a new bill that just passed the California State Assembly. The bill which was sponsored by Dave Jones (D-Sacramento), would require pet health insurers to disclose – on the main pages of their websites – any policy that limits coverage. In addition, insurers would also have to […]

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Temp Agency Exec Charged with Insurance Flood

One of the top executives of a temporary employment agency has been accused of scamming the New York State insurance Fund out of $25 million in workers’ compensation insurance premiums. On Monday, Eric Goldstein pleaded not guilty to charges which included insurance fraud. Prosecutors in Manhattan say Goldstein’s company, GT Systems, ran fifty temporary employment […]

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Missouri: Lions and Tigers and Bears – and Fees!

Lawmakers in the state of Missouri have approved new regulations, including the imposition of fees and an insurance requirement, for people who raise wild animals such as lions, tigers, and bears. Legislation sent to the governor will require a permit – which could cost up to $2,500 – for any resident of the “Show Me” […]

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Hurricane Scale Revamped for 2010

The commonly-recognized five-category rating system that describes the strength of a hurricane, and estimates the havoc its winds could cause has been updated for the 2010 storm season, which begins in the Atlantic on June 1. The system, more properly known as the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale no longer includes estimates for storm surge or […]

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BP May Not Be Liable for ALL Oil Spill-related Costs

A new buzz around BP: there may be a federal law limiting the amount of money BP has to pay in damages, including lost wages and economic suffering, as a result of the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, despite President Obama’s assurances that taxpayers will not be liable. A 1989 law, passed in response to […]

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End of an Era: St. Vincent’s Hospital Closes

For 160 years, St Vincent’s hospital in New York City was a stalwart figure in the world of healthcare. Today, the Greenwich Village hospital closed its doors forever. St. Vincent’s was founded in 1849, and served as the flagship of St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers of New York, and recorded $502 million in total revenue […]

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