California Assembly Advocates Pet Insurance Reform

August 24, 2010

You can’t declare them as dependents or write off their expenses, but to many of us, our pets really are part of the family, and many of us spend hundreds of dollars a year on pet insurance, just in case a major veterinary event occurs.

Now, California Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones has taken inspiration from national health care reform, and sponsored AB2411, a bill that would improve veterinary pet insurance for animals in the Golden State by requiring more, and more detailed, information from pet insurers about the level of care covered by their insurance plans. Originally, Jones wanted the creation of a separate section of the state insurance code just for pet insurance, but that concept was removed from the final bill.

The measure would require that pet insurance companies disclose on their websites any policies that limit coverage.

The bill was approved by the state Assembly in a 42-22 vote, and has been sent to the governor for his review.