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Hurricane Igor Gaining Strength

Weather reports show that even though its strength is likely to fluctuate over the next few days as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean, it’s still maintaining strong category 4 winds. As of 11:00 EDT this morning, the hurricane was located in the mid-Atlantic, traveling west at around ten miles an hour, and sustaining winds of […]

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Insurance Brief: Arkansas Man Sentenced for Defrauding FEMA

A resident of Fort Smith, Arkansas has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for lying to FEMA in order to receive disaster aid meant for Hurricane Katrina victims, the Insurance Journal reports. In addition to the prison sentence, United States District Judge Robert Dawson also ordered Anthony Owens, Sr., age 46, to pay restitution […]

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Insurance Briefs: National Disaster Preparedness Month Celebrated in Alabama

Alabama kicked off its observation of National Preparedness Month yesterday with the city of Birmingham hosting “Be Ready Day” in Linn Park. The event, according to Alabama Governor Bob Riley, features emergency workers, representatives from faith-based organizations, and other volunteers who will demonstrate disaster preparedness to adults and children. This is just the first in […]

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Friday Filmstrip: This City, by Steve Earle

This Sunday, August 29th, marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the devastation it left on the Gulf Coast, especially in Mississippi, Alabama, and of course, New Orleans, Louisiana. Rather than write a post reminding everyone that homeowners insurance and flood insurance are separate entities, we’ve decided to make a departure from our usual […]

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Des Moines Seeks Money to Buy More Properties in Flood Zone

Spurred on by recent heavy rains, officials in the city of Des Moines, IA, are seeking more money to buy properties in a flood-prone part of the city, along Four Mile Creek. According to city manager Rick Clark, flooding in the Four Mile Creek neighborhoods is “uncontrolled,” and recent weather has only shown that more […]

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August Busiest Month for Hurricanes

While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has slightly amended the hurricane outlook it released in May, an above-normal season is still expected. With ocean temperatures at record highs, and the climate phenomenon known as “La Nina” beginning to development, government forecasters maintain that this may be the busiest Atlantic hurricane season since 2005. […]

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Better Tools, Better Risk Assessment

People living in Miami probably won’t be too surprised at the findings of a crew of Florida State University researchers. The city is vulnerable to strong hurricane winds. Yeah, not a news flash. Maybe the fact that Miami is Florida’s most vulnerable city jazzes the story up a bit. The real point, however, is that […]

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Insurance Briefs: New Weather Insurance Company in MN

Earlier this month when we talked about the bizzare things people insure, we neglected to mention weather insurance, but there really are companies who offer such a product. It works much like wedding insurance, making sure that you get reimbursed for deposits and such if weather forces you to cancel any kind of event. A […]

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Iowa Communities Choose to Opt Out of National Flood Insurance Program

Last week, Congress voted to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, and on July 2nd, President Obama signed the extension into law, keeping it active until September 30th, but not everyone is taking advantage of the reinitiated program, especially in Iowa. According to government officials, only eighteen cities and counties in Iowa have joined the […]

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