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El Nino Dissipating, but Effects Not Gone

Reuters is reporting today that the currently active El Nino weather anomaly, which causes abnormal warming of the water in the equatorial parts of the Pacific Ocean, is dissipating, and – in the Northern Hemisphere – it should be gone by early summer, though there is a chance it may merely weaken substantially, and linger […]

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Flood Insurance, other Programs, Not Extended by US Senate

Last week, the United States Senate failed to vote on several bills meant to extend federal programs including unemployment, COBRA, flood insurance, and transportation project funding, before their expiration dates on Sunday, February 28th. Why? Because one senator, Jim Bunning (R-KY) has concerns enough about how to pay for such programs, that he’s blocked final […]

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16 Months Later: Hurricane Ike Claims Still Being Paid

The Texas Insurance Council has issued an update on the financial aftermath of Hurricane Ike, which struck Galveston on Sept. 13, 2008 calling it “the costliest weather catastrophe in Texas history by a large margin.” So far, the storm has toted up almost $12 billion in windstorm and flood insurance claims in the state. The […]

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Flood Insurance Changes in Illinois and Nebraska

It’s difficult enough to know when flood insurance is required when you live in a relatively stable region, but property owners in three counties in southwestern Illinois are in a kind of flood zone limbo, while they wait for new Mississippi River flood maps to be drawn. According to Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, the Federal […]

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