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GeoVera Brings Windstorm-Hurricane Insurance to Hawaii

Hawaiian property owners may be pleased to know that GeoVera Insurance has expanded into the state, bringing with it a residential windstorm-hurricane insurance product. These policies will insure residential real estate against wind during a hurricane. GeoVera will be partnering with local independent agents to offer the product. The windstorm-hurricane coverage will apply to the […]

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US Tsunami Damage Exceeds $50 Million, Estimates Say

While the United States did not see anything close to the damage that continues to worsen in Japan, but estimates say that tsunami waves that followed Friday’s earthquake have caused more than $50 million in damage in the western part of the country. Governor Neil Abercrombie, in Hawaii, issued an emergency proclamation that will allow […]

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Fargo Resident Told To Brace for Flooding

Officials in Fargo, ND informed residents earlier this week that it’s time to begin preparing for another major flooding along the Red River. It is anticipated that this will be third such spring flood in a row. On Monday, during the first public planning session for possible flooding, Mayor Dennis Walaker said, “I don’t think […]

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Oahu Residents: Buy Flood Insurance!

Property owners in Oahu, Hawaii, are being urged by emergency management officials to purchase flood insurance at current rates, before new flood maps and higher prices go into effect later this month. FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) says update rate maps for the National Flood Insurance Program are due to be implemented on January […]

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California Storms Cause $10 Million in Damage, More to Come

Californians who pay extra for flood insurance must be thanking their lucky stars this month, because even though temperatures have warmed up a bit, easing the rain and snow that have been drenching (and blanketing) the Golden State for a week, the National Weather Service was predicting yesterday that there was more to come. Last […]

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2010 Hurricane Season, Not Much Landfall, But Still Active

Reuters is reporting today that even though there have been a lot of hurricanes in the Atlantic this season, the lack of any major landfalls will make most people consider it a quiet year. Before the season began on June 1st, many hurricane forecasters had predicted a high likelihood that a major hurricane would make […]

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One-year Extension to Flood Insurance Program

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since we reported that the National Flood Insurance Program was on hold, but today’s report on the program is even better than yet another 30- or 60-day extension. Instead, we’re delighted to report that last night, in a unanimous vote, the United State Senate passed a […]

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Simple Home Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Water Damage, Travelers Says

Last week, the Insurance Journal reported on some interesting survey results from Travelers insurance. It seems that even though most homeowners are more afraid of fire damage, most homes – even if they’re not in a coastal or riverfront location – are ten times more likely to be damaged by water. While no one is […]

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New Orleans: Housing Stock Down 13%

5 years post-Katrina, and several months after the BP oil spill, the city of New Orleans is still in recovery, but still has other problems. One of them is housing. According to the reports the New Orleans metropolitan area has suffered a 13% decrease in available housing since the hurricane five years ago. The survey […]

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