Hurricane Igor Gaining Strength

September 13, 2010

Weather reports show that even though its strength is likely to fluctuate over the next few days as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean, it’s still maintaining strong category 4 winds.

As of 11:00 EDT this morning, the hurricane was located in the mid-Atlantic, traveling west at around ten miles an hour, and sustaining winds of 150 miles mph (just five mph shy of category 5).

According to the National Hurricane Center, while the storm’s intensity will show some variance over the next 48 hours, it’s likely to remain a powerful hurricane for several days. Of some concern is Tropical Storm Julia, which is trailing Igor, and may strengthen as well.

At this point, there are no storm watches or warnings for the east coast of the United States, and predictions say it will miss the coast when it turns north later tonight or tomorrow, but people in Bermuda should take care.