Review Your Insurance Needs Yearly, Here’s Why

January 12, 2017

As a responsible homeowner, you must know that you need to have a good homeowners insurance. Everyone has to protect their property from any possible loss or damage.

Once you’ve decided what kind of homeowners insurance to have and how much premium you can afford, you can start looking for an insurer. To get your money’s worth, you have to know if the deductible offers you good coverage for your house and its contents.

Your policy can either cover you with replacement cost or with actual cash value. You have the option to choose which method you will be paid by your insurer.

When you already have homeowners insurance, you can then begin to relax. Your most precious investment is protected. You’ve done yourself a huge favor for getting homeowners insurance. All you have to do is to keep paying the premium.

After years and years of paying for your insurance premium, you believe that you have nothing more to fret about. You’re covered; protected. You know what coverage you got three or four years ago. You’re all good.

However, there’s one very basic thing you needed to do that you haven’t been doing since the time you took a homeowners insurance — reviewing your insurance policy on an annual basis.

You may wonder why you have to revisit your policy when you know what coverage you got and you were sure about it.

Here are the most important reasons why an annual insurance review must be a habit:


Certain life changes may change your needs.

So much can happen in a week’s time, how much more in a year?

Perhaps you’ve had additional income which may enable you to afford a more comprehensive insurance coverage. Or maybe you’re facing some financial difficulty recently that you had to switch to a more affordable policy.

Your present homeowners insurance may also be insufficient after doing some major home improvements within the year. It may need some upgrading as you upgrade your home. Example, If you’ve installed a security alarm system, an insurer may give you a good discount. 

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You can spot mistakes that must have slipped your eye.

The only way you can spot a mistake is if you run through it with a fresh set of eyes. Taking the time to review your policy every year allows you to reassess if you’ve really chosen an insurance policy that provides adequate protection.

Maybe when you first got your homeowners insurance, you were in a rush that you failed to read the fine prints. Looking at your policy closely and spotting some loopholes will allow you to correct them immediately. You can easily save money just by tweaking these imperfections.

You may have to bundle your homeowners insurance policy with other policies.

Maybe, you got a new car and you’ve decided to invest more in your health all in the same year. So, you got to have an auto insurance and a health insurance. All in all, you’re paying three separate premiums to possibly three different insurance companies all billed separately.

How about considering an insurance bundle? Instead of going through the hassle of paying multiple insurance premiums, group them up and get everything from one insurer.

You can always talk to an insurance provider on how you can take advantage of bundling opportunities. This won’t only save you money, but also time.

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Better rates await.

If you think you’re stuck with your current homeowners insurance premium, think again.

It is the best practice that you compare different insurance quotes at least once a year. No insurance policy or provider is created alike. Some may have potentially remodeled their policy or have come up with a more affordable one to attract more homeowners. There’s no harm in looking for a policy that offers great coverage at a much affordable price.

Make it a habit to review your insurance at least once a year. If you need assistance, an insurance specialist can help you in reviewing your policy.

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