New Map Means More Fargo Property Owners Might Need Flood Insurance

August 24, 2012

While Texas and many of the states in the southern half of the Great Plains and in the South itself are still suffering under extreme drought conditions, even after last week’s rain, several thousand property owners in Fargo, North Dakota are learning that they may at risk of floods, and might require federal flood insurance, due to a newly-drawn flood plain map.

Roughly five hundred structures are affected by the current flood plain maps, but under FEMA’s proposed update there are at least 2,300 more properties that will require insurance. According to April Walker, an engineer with the City of Fargo, there might be another 5,000 more properties that are within 25 feet of the new flood plain, thus requiring flood insurance as well, depending on the requirements of their mortgage lenders.

To discuss the new map and the possible ramifications of it, officials from FEMA, the National Flood Insurance Program and the City of Fargo have scheduled public meetings on September 11th and 12th.

Adding to the confusion, there are permanent flood projects in process that, once finalized and executed, could make flood insurance unnecessary after all.