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Faith Based Insurance? Be Careful

At a time when many eyes and ears are focused on Washington, D.C. and a final (at least for now) verdict on health care reform, hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians are choosing another alternative. It’s called a faith-based health plan and while it can save you money on major medical expenses, there are a […]

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Auto Insurance Increases in Canada and UK, Too

It may seem as if the United States is the only country suffering from a dire economic situation. Our auto insurance premiums rose in almost every state this year, as did our homeowners insurance premiums. However, we are not alone; what affects us, tends to affect the world at large. In 2009, Canada and the […]

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COBRA Subsidy Extension Continues

If you’re currently using the existence of COBRA health insurance law to maintain insurance coverage after you’ve been laid off or fired, you’ll be glad to know that Congress ended weeks of uncertainty in late December, giving final approval to President Obama to sign into law a Department of Defense bill that included provisions to […]

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In an Accident? What Should You Do?

According to a survey done by a British auto insurance firm, up to 45% of commercial van drivers don’t exchange the required information when they’re in an accident, whether it’s serious or not. Here in the United States, the statistics may not be quite so scary, but a significant number of drivers have found themselves […]

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Don’t Fear the Life Insurance Medical Exam

Horror stories abound about life insurance medical exams. Smokers, you may have heard, never pass, and you don’t have to just be within normal weight ranges, but actually skinny or you get disqualified. We won’t even discuss the rumors about what happens if you took an antihistamine the day before you provided your blood or […]

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Women: Check Mammography Coverage Before Choosing Health Plan

Whether you’re male or female, choosing between hmo and ppo health plans can be difficult. For women, however, it’s important to take a close look at covered preventive services before selecting a plan? What’s a preventive service? It includes things like mammograms, which, until recently, were considered routine wellness care for women over the age […]

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Arizona Drivers: Uninsured? It’s Going to Cost You!

Uninsured motorists in Arizona have a new law to contend with: under a change in state insurance law which went into effect late in 2009, drivers who are convicted of driving without proof of insurance will face an automatic 90-day long suspension of their licenses. Before the new law took effect, judges had the option […]

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Crash! The Doctor (or Laywer) Did It!

When considering how to get auto insurance discounts many of us are advised to ask about credits or discounts based on what we do. Teachers, for example, often earn insurance discounts. Would it surprise you to know that there are also occupations that can cause your insurance to increase? It’s true, according to information compiled […]

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Flood Insurance Changes in Illinois and Nebraska

It’s difficult enough to know when flood insurance is required when you live in a relatively stable region, but property owners in three counties in southwestern Illinois are in a kind of flood zone limbo, while they wait for new Mississippi River flood maps to be drawn. According to Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, the Federal […]

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