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Life Insurance Shopping 101

If you’re like most people, you see those television commercials selling life insurance to people between the ages of fifty and eighty and you pretty much blow them off. If you’re particularly technologically savvy, you might even use your DVR to watch all television, so you never have to see those commercials at all. While […]

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Social Events and DUIs: When the Party’s Over

Here’s something not generally included in lists of DUI frequently asked questions: in most states, if you’re serving alcohol to guests in your home, you can be held responsible for what happens to your drunk friends after the party’s over. Whether they end up in a hospital emergency room after tripping and falling, or crashing […]

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Renters Insurance

If you’re living in an apartment, saving pennies so you can buy a house some time, and trying to cut costs where you can, you may find yourself wondering, “Is renters insurance good?” You might find yourself arguing, “After all, the landlord’s insurance will pay to rebuild the apartment if something happens. It’s not my […]

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Earthquake Preparedness

If you live in California, you’re probably pretty jaded when it comes to earthquakes, joking that “anything under 5.0 doesn’t count.” The reality is that even those tiny temblors can cause a lot of damage if the shock wave moves in the wrong direction, or if they’re centered closer to the surface of the earth. […]

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Insurance. We all need it, and we all hate talking about it. One thing we can agree on, however, is that the more informed we are as insurance shoppers, the better able we are to maximize the money we spend. After all, having an insurance policy isn’t enough, we need to have the right coverage […]

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