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Trumann, Arkansas Bans Bully Breeds

It’s long been that case that if you own certain kinds of dogs, you’ll be hard pressed to find homeowners insurance, but if you live in Trumann, Arkansas, you may find that your favorite pet has been banned from living in the city limits at all. Members of the City Council of Trumann recently approved […]

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Friday Film Strip: Prescription Drugs and Pets

We’ve all done it – left pain relievers or allergy medicines where our dogs or cats can get them. Sometimes, nothing happens, but there are some drugs which work great for humans, but can seriously harm our pets. This week’s video discusses that issue:

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State Farm Releases List of Top Ten States for Dog Bite Claims

Every year, State Farm Insurance Co. shares its list of the top ten states with insurance claims involving dog bites. This year, California has the dubious honor of being at the top of the list, with 369 claims and a total payout of $11.3 million, but Florida actually has the highest cost-per-claim State Farm Insurance […]

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Friday Filmstrips: A look at Pet Insurance

As much as many of us consider them so, our pets are not actually our children, and as such their medical expenses are not deductible. Unfortunately, some animals have expensive medical needs, even so. Certain large breed dogs are prone to hip issues, for example, while some small breeds are more likely to get seizures. […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Pet Insurance

Progressive’s Pet Insurance has existed for over a year now. Here’s one of their earlier commercials mentioning it:

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Progressive Adds Pet Coverage to Commercial Auto

Thanks to Progressive, “Take Your Dog to Work Day” just got a little safer. Progressive Insurance, the first company to include specific pet coverage for animals traveling in their owners’ vehicles, has extended their pet insurance coverage. Now, business owners with auto insurance from Progressive can have their pets protected as well. Under their Pet […]

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AAIS Creates PUP Exclusion for Dogs

The American Association of Insurance Services, a national insurance advisory organization that develops standardized forms and provides the rating information used by more than six hundred property & casualty insurers, has announced the filing of three separate endorsements which allow insurance companies to exclude umbrella and personal liability coverage for damage or injury from dogs. […]

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California Assembly Advocates Pet Insurance Reform

You can’t declare them as dependents or write off their expenses, but to many of us, our pets really are part of the family, and many of us spend hundreds of dollars a year on pet insurance, just in case a major veterinary event occurs. Now, California Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones has taken inspiration from […]

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Dog Bite Claims Escalate Over 2008

According to data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute, dog bites accounted for more than a third of all liability claims by homeowners in 2009 and incidents were up 6.4% over 2008 for a whopping total of $412 million. The average cost of a dog bite claim ran $24,840 in 2009 over the $24,461 paid […]

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