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Friday Filmstrips: Life Lessons: Mashell Ewing

Every year Life Happens runs a scholarship contest, where people submit videos explaining why life insurance has (or would have) helped them. This video is one of this year’s entrants, and really brings home why life insurance is important – it can save your dreams. After watching it, can you really doubt that the best […]

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IPO for AIG’s AIA?

There may be an IPO for AIG’s AIA. If that seems like so much alphabet soup, let us explain: the board of directors of American International Group (AIG) is planning to meet later this week, in order to consider the future of one of it’s business units, and an IPO is the most likely outcome. […]

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How Does Alcoholism Affect Life Insurance?

If you’ve ever applied for life insurance, you know that the health questionnaire asks about whether or not you drink alcohol, and if so, how often. While some of you may be concerned that admitting to the occasional beer or cocktail will change your coverage eligibility, this is not the case. It is only when […]

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20% of 2008’s New Life Insurance Policies Came from the Internet

People shop for car insurance whenever they purchase a new vehicle, or pay off an auto loan. They begin to compare homeowners insurance rates while still looking for their dream home. But how do people begin the search for life insurance? According to a joint project conducted earlier this year by LIMRA (the Life Insurance […]

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Americans will Work Longer to Keep Luxuries, Survey Says

Recent reports shows that more and more American citizens are postponing retirement in order to maintain lifestyles which include little luxuries. The company surveyed more than five hundred financial advisers – professionals who deal with everything from life insurance policies to general accounting – 61 percent of whom said that their clients are less concerned […]

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Whole or Universal Life Insurance – Bullet Points

There’s no question that life insurance is one of the trickier types to navigate, especially when you’re faced with terms like “whole life” and “universal life.” Aren’t both terms sort of all-encompassing? And what are the differences anyway? The folks at Forbes define them as follows: * Whole life insurance – Caters to long-term goals […]

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Don’t Fear the Life Insurance Medical Exam

Horror stories abound about life insurance medical exams. Smokers, you may have heard, never pass, and you don’t have to just be within normal weight ranges, but actually skinny or you get disqualified. We won’t even discuss the rumors about what happens if you took an antihistamine the day before you provided your blood or […]

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Life Insurance Shopping 101

If you’re like most people, you see those television commercials selling life insurance to people between the ages of fifty and eighty and you pretty much blow them off. If you’re particularly technologically savvy, you might even use your DVR to watch all television, so you never have to see those commercials at all. While […]

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