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Public Support Badly Compromised by Health Care Debate

Michael McAuliff, writing for the New York Daily News hit the nail squarely on the head with the article “President Obama’s Health Care Summit Will Be Political Theater of Highest Order.” One cannot help but get the feeling of Christians and lions in the arena (with no implied suggestion about which side is which) in […]

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Health Care Summit Faces a Bigger Challenge than Just Health Care

On the eve of a “bipartisan” summit on health care legislation scheduled for Thursday, February 25, the web is alive with talk about how the current stalemate can or can’t be resolved. The New York Times weighed in Sunday with an interesting piece on, “How the G.O.P. Can Fix Health Care.” Provocatively, the article opens […]

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Obama to Make Specific Health Care Proposals

Although President Obama has attempted to avoid issuing his own version of a health care reform plan, the deadlock in Congress has compelled the president to formulate his own specific set of proposals, scheduled to be unveiled Monday, February 22. According to a piece for the Chicago Tribune by Noam N Levey, the presidential suggestions […]

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Planning for Retirement? Pay Attention to Health Care

If you’re planning for retirement pay close attention to your health care options. Why? Because according to financial journal MarketWatch, this is likely to be one of the biggest costs you’ll have to absorb once you leave the workplace, even with the federal Medicare program providing your basic coverage. Why is health care so expensive […]

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Health Plan Tax Resolved?

Consumers worried about the rumor of taxes on high-value health insurance plans, the so-called “Cadillac” plans, can rest easy. Why? Because the White House and union leaders reached an accord two weeks ago which changed the cost threshold and added an eight-year exemption for collectively bargained plans. The deal, which was cemented in mid-January, removed […]

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COBRA Subsidy Extension Continues

If you’re currently using the existence of COBRA health insurance law to maintain insurance coverage after you’ve been laid off or fired, you’ll be glad to know that Congress ended weeks of uncertainty in late December, giving final approval to President Obama to sign into law a Department of Defense bill that included provisions to […]

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Don’t Fear the Life Insurance Medical Exam

Horror stories abound about life insurance medical exams. Smokers, you may have heard, never pass, and you don’t have to just be within normal weight ranges, but actually skinny or you get disqualified. We won’t even discuss the rumors about what happens if you took an antihistamine the day before you provided your blood or […]

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Women: Check Mammography Coverage Before Choosing Health Plan

Whether you’re male or female, choosing between hmo and ppo health plans can be difficult. For women, however, it’s important to take a close look at covered preventive services before selecting a plan? What’s a preventive service? It includes things like mammograms, which, until recently, were considered routine wellness care for women over the age […]

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