health care reform

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Illinois Seeks Comments on Health Insurance Exchange

The state of Illinois is asking for public comment on an online insurance exchange. They are seeking for comments about the financing, governance, and structure of the exchange, which would make health insurance coverage available to individuals and small businesses. Under the healthcare reform laws passed last March, each state must have exchanges operational by […]

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Discount Health Cards: What You Should Know

If you watch enough afternoon or late-night television, you’ll eventually see ads for discount health cards. While these may seem tempting, especially if you’re waiting for state insurance exchanges to take effect, or you lost your insurance benefits because you lost a job and COBRA benefits have either not yet begun, or already ended, please […]

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Denying Coverage to Children is Illegal, Washington Commissioner Says

Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner for the state of Washington has issued an order to Regence BlueShield telling them to stop illegally refusing to cover children. Last week, the company announced it would no longer sell policies to children, but according to Kreidler, “Regence is in clear violation of state law that prohibits insurers from denying […]

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49% Of People with Pre-Existing Conditions Denied Health Insurance, Report Says

One of the larger elements of the health insurance reform laws that were passed earlier this year was a ban on coverage denials for people with pre-existing health conditions. However, that part of the legislation is not yet in force and, perhaps in anticipation of times to come, the top for-profit health insurers in the […]

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Ohio Enacts Emergency Open Enrollment Rule

In order to improve protection for children under the age of nineteen who have pre-existing medical conditions, the Ohio Department of Insurance has issued an emergency rule establishing uniform periods of open enrollment in the state’s individual insurance market. According to the director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, Mary Jo Hudson, “Recently enacted federal […]

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