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Understanding and Managing Your Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs can get quite tricky to manage. Whenever you get sick and need medical attention, you have to be careful not to let hospital and medical bills pile up. This is where health insurance comes in. With basic coverage, you can save a whole lot of money. Even with health insurance coverage, you can […]

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Washington, Oregon, Others among States with Conditional Exchange Approval

As of last week, six states have been granted preliminary approval for their health insurance exchanges by the Obama Administration. The announcement came on Monday the tenth of December, and the states included were Connecticut, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington. Under the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, all fifty states must establish an […]

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NJ Governor Vetoes Health Exchange

Late last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the legislation that would establish a state-run health insurance exchange, claiming that the federal government didn’t provide the information he needed in order to ensure that the way his state complies with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is financially sound. Despite this, Governor Christie insists that […]

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Colorado Trying to Cut Health Costs

Officials from the state of Colorado say that the Affordable Care Act known colloquially as “Obamacare” has given them the power to block insurance rate hikes. Specifically, the legislation gave Colorado the ability to block rate increase by Cigna, which had asked for a 24% increase.

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Judge Dismisses Mississippi Health Insurance Challenge

Federal District Judge Keith Starrett has ruled that Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, along with other residents of Mississippi, were “premature” in their legal challenge to the section of the affordable care act that requires people to buy health care insurance. He also said that the governor and another of the members of the group suing […]

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MN Governer Continues Working Toward Health Exchange

While many of the (dare we say?) “red” states in the USA are actively working against the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”), which the US Supreme Court decided last month WAS constitutional, after all, it’s refreshing to hear about a governor who is embracing the opportunity to improve health care for […]

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Supreme Court Upholds Mandate

Okay, we know this is old news now, but we couldn’t think of anything more fitting for our monthly video than to share President Obama’s response to SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of the United States) ruling that the Affordable Healthcare Reform Act known colloquially as “Obamacare” is constitutional.

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Louisiana Senate Committee Rejects Health Care Exchange Bill

The Louisiana Senate Finance Committee voted recently to reject a state senate bill that would have set up a group of elected and appointed officials to create and oversee their state’s health insurance exchanges, a principal tenet of the affordable health care act championed by President Obama and his administration State Senator Karen Carter Peterson […]

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Hawaii Workers Say Employer-Hired Docs Unfair

As the Supreme Court of the United States continues to evaluate the legality of the health care reform act put in force two years ago by President Obama’s administration, individual states continue to have health insurance debates of their own. One such debate is happening in the state of Hawaii, where, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser says, […]

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