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NM Rejects Driver’s Licence Ban for Illegal Immigrants

The New Mexico state Senate has voted against two proposals meant to prevent the state from issuing driver’s license to illegal immigrants. Both proposals were backed by senate Republicans. Unsurprisingly, the two measures under consideration failed on party-line votes, with 25 Democrats opposing the GOP proposals, and 14 Republicans supporting them. The proposals were meant […]

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21st Century Takes Customer Service Honor – Again

21st Century Insurance, a California-based insurance company, has received recognition for “call center operation customer satisfaction excellence” from the J.D. Power and Associates Call Center Certification Program for the fifth consecutive year. To become certified under the program, 21st Century Insurance had to pass a detailed audit of more than 100 elements comprising the call […]

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In Brief: Oregon Helmet Law Modifications?

The state of Oregon currently requires all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, regardless of age or type of bike. Twenty members of the Oregon legislature want to change that. Specifically, they believe only bikers under the age of 21 should be required to wear helmets. State Representative Andy Olson (R) sponsored a bill to relax […]

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CNA SPLASHes Into Texas

Most of us in Texas have ice in our pools this week, which makes this information more timely than you might think. SPLASH – the Spa & Pool Contractors Program from CNA – has been expanded into the Texas middle market. The SPLASH program offers insurance coverage for a variety of customers including pool plasters, […]

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Oregon Has Lowest Workers’ Comp Year Ever, Still Above National Average

Great news for workers’ compensation administrators in Oregon: private sector work-related injuries and illnesses there were only 4.4 per 100 full-time employees during the 2009 calendar year, making it the lowest recorded total ever. Oregonians files 48,304 work related injury cases in 2009, 52.6 percent of which resulted in lost work time (including days away […]

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North Carolina Beach Plan to Reclaim $16 Million Distribution

Wayne Goodwin, the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner recently announced a settlement agreement that will require the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association, also known as the “Beach Plan,” to reverse the payments of more than $16 million it made to its member companies in 2009. The Beach Plan is North Carolina’s “insurer of last resort” for […]

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Income Taxes and Employer-Owned Life Insurance

It’s almost February, which means everyone should be receiving their w-2s and 1099s if they haven’t already. While we don’t cover tax issues as a general rule, we think it’s worth mentioning the way death benefits from corporate- or business-owned life insurance are handled. Before 2006, death benefits from the types of life insurance mentioned […]

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Fargo Resident Told To Brace for Flooding

Officials in Fargo, ND informed residents earlier this week that it’s time to begin preparing for another major flooding along the Red River. It is anticipated that this will be third such spring flood in a row. On Monday, during the first public planning session for possible flooding, Mayor Dennis Walaker said, “I don’t think […]

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Landscaper Insurance???

Okay, we know there is insurance out there for almost everything. I mean, just last Christmas we learned that you can get insurance in case you fall out of a sleigh. But a lawmaker in Rhode Island has recently filed a bill that would require landscapers to register with the state and carry at least […]

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