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States Attempt to Counter HealthCare Reform via Bills and Constitutional Amendments

Reuters is reporting that at least 36 state legislatures have introduced bills or resolutions designed to either limit or oppose various aspects of the healhcare reform plan that Congress is still trying to pass. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, momentum is growing in many states to block the changes either by laws […]

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Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Childhood Vaccine Case

Reuters is reporting that the United States Supreme Court stated on Monday that it had agreed to hear a Pennsylvania case involving a lawsuit filed by parents of s child who suffered seizures after her third round of the standard childhood DPT (diptheria-tetanus-pertussis) vaccine. The suit was filed against vaccine manufacturer Wyeth, which was purchased […]

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Flood Insurance, other Programs, Not Extended by US Senate

Last week, the United States Senate failed to vote on several bills meant to extend federal programs including unemployment, COBRA, flood insurance, and transportation project funding, before their expiration dates on Sunday, February 28th. Why? Because one senator, Jim Bunning (R-KY) has concerns enough about how to pay for such programs, that he’s blocked final […]

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State Farm Excels at Consumer Satisfaction

It should be no surprise that our current unstable economy has affected everything from the amount of merchandise on store shelves to the number of people taking vacations, but what may be surprising is that the adverse effects are extended to the quality of service we receive from providers in many different industries. Such quality […]

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Obama to Make Specific Health Care Proposals

Although President Obama has attempted to avoid issuing his own version of a health care reform plan, the deadlock in Congress has compelled the president to formulate his own specific set of proposals, scheduled to be unveiled Monday, February 22. According to a piece for the Chicago Tribune by Noam N Levey, the presidential suggestions […]

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Health Plan Tax Resolved?

Consumers worried about the rumor of taxes on high-value health insurance plans, the so-called “Cadillac” plans, can rest easy. Why? Because the White House and union leaders reached an accord two weeks ago which changed the cost threshold and added an eight-year exemption for collectively bargained plans. The deal, which was cemented in mid-January, removed […]

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Auto Insurance Increases in Canada and UK, Too

It may seem as if the United States is the only country suffering from a dire economic situation. Our auto insurance premiums rose in almost every state this year, as did our homeowners insurance premiums. However, we are not alone; what affects us, tends to affect the world at large. In 2009, Canada and the […]

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Arizona Drivers: Uninsured? It’s Going to Cost You!

Uninsured motorists in Arizona have a new law to contend with: under a change in state insurance law which went into effect late in 2009, drivers who are convicted of driving without proof of insurance will face an automatic 90-day long suspension of their licenses. Before the new law took effect, judges had the option […]

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Flood Insurance Changes in Illinois and Nebraska

It’s difficult enough to know when flood insurance is required when you live in a relatively stable region, but property owners in three counties in southwestern Illinois are in a kind of flood zone limbo, while they wait for new Mississippi River flood maps to be drawn. According to Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, the Federal […]

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