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Recycling and Insurance?

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Environmental Protection Agency and it’s Earth Day awareness program. We’re all familiar with the EPA’s “reduce, reuse, and recycle” slogan, but that phrase is much more than a mere tagline. The EPA wants it to be a way of life for people and businesses throughout the country. In […]

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Hospital Cost Shifting Not a New Trend

Recent confirmed reports of an alarming change within the hospital industry, one that has been going on since long before the passage of the healthcare reform bill last month: Because they get lower reimbursements from public health insurance services like Medicaid and Medicare, many hospitals are trying to find new ways of making money, and […]

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Insurers ReClassify Admin Expenses as Medical Expenses to Circumvent New Regs

The deadline for doing so isn’t until the first of next year, but already some of America’s largest health insurance companies are changing their accounting to reclassify administration costs as medical expenses, in order to work around industry reforms mandated by the recently-passed health care overhaul, says news agency Reuters, reporting on a U.S. Senate […]

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California Workers Comp Rates Are Too Low

The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) of California has issued a report stating that written premiums for the year of 2009 are too low. Specifically, the gross written premium for last calendar year is about $8.9 billion, which is 17% lower than the reported numbers for 2008 and only 62% of the 2004 total. […]

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Texans tell The Hartford: Our Cities are Driveable, Mostly

A recent study performed on behalf of The Hartford Financial Services Group says that, even with incidents of road rage, and complains from people who are on the road a log, most Texas residents would consider their city streets to be “drivable.” Further, at least sixty percent of motorists in the major Texas cities of […]

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Washington Enacts Data Security Law

In our current age where technology reigns supreme and both credit card and insurance companies are designing apps for iPhones and smartphones to help protect consumers and capture business, who is guarding our information? In Washington, the government is…well, sort of. According to the reports over the net, Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington signed into […]

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AIG Did Not Ignore Red Flags, Judge Says

Reuters reported earlier this week that a federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit against AIG. The suit accused both current and former American International Group, Inc., directors and executives of ignoring the “red flag” warning signs that lead to the insurers near-demise and necessitated $180 billion in Federal bailout funds. On Tuesday, […]

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NC Drivers Pay $1350/Year Due to Road Conditions

Here’s another reason to save money on auto insurance in North Carolina: the road conditions will cost you the equivalent of an extra tank of gas every week. Last week, a national transportation group released the results of a study which estimated that drivers in the two largest urban areas in North Carolina lose an […]

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Missouri Court Issues Ruling in Medical Malpractice Case

Two days ago, the Missouri Supreme Court made a ruling that narrowed the scope of a 2005 state law that limits the amount of money that may be awarded in medical malpractice cases has slightly narrowed the scope of a 2005 state law limiting how much money can be awarded to people in medical malpractice […]

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