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Drinkers Exercise More than Non-Drinkers, Study Says

It’s no secret that healthy habits help you save money on health insurance, but did you know that that alcohol consumption is linked to those habits in ways most of us never considered? There have been several clinical studies of the way alcohol consumption affects health, and one of them found that people who regularly […]

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House Approves Companion Bill to Healthcare Overhaul

Days after passing the healthcare overhaul bill that took the better part of a year to hammer out, the United States House of Representatives approved the companion package yesterday. The companion package had already been approved by the House before, but after the vote on the main bill, the Senate parliamentarian ordered two minor provisions […]

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Missouri Court Issues Ruling in Medical Malpractice Case

Two days ago, the Missouri Supreme Court made a ruling that narrowed the scope of a 2005 state law that limits the amount of money that may be awarded in medical malpractice cases has slightly narrowed the scope of a 2005 state law limiting how much money can be awarded to people in medical malpractice […]

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Healthcare Bill Passes

Late Sunday night, the United States House of Representatives passed the much-debated healthcare reform bill in a 219-212 vote, with all the Republicans, and thirty-four Democrats, voting against its passage. The bill, which instigates the most dramatic changes to our healthcare system in four decades, now goes to President Obama for his signature, which will […]

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States Attempt to Counter HealthCare Reform via Bills and Constitutional Amendments

Reuters is reporting that at least 36 state legislatures have introduced bills or resolutions designed to either limit or oppose various aspects of the healhcare reform plan that Congress is still trying to pass. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, momentum is growing in many states to block the changes either by laws […]

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Company Wellness Programs: They’re Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore

It’s no secret that large corporations have been cutting costs by encouraging employees to use on-site, in-house wellness programs, some replete with healthy dining facilities and gymnasiums. However, wellness programs aren’t just for big companies any more. In fact, two Illinois-based medium-sized businesses, Mechanical Devices, Co. (Bloomington) and the Town of Normal have implemented wellness […]

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Senate Approves COBRA Extension Bill

It was reported on Wednesday that the United States Senate voted 62-36 to approve a $138 billion bill that temporarily halts cuts in Medicare payments to doctors, and also extends COBRA premium subsidies and Medicaid assistance. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D – NV) said in a statement to the press, “This week’s bill helps […]

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Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Childhood Vaccine Case

Reuters is reporting that the United States Supreme Court stated on Monday that it had agreed to hear a Pennsylvania case involving a lawsuit filed by parents of s child who suffered seizures after her third round of the standard childhood DPT (diptheria-tetanus-pertussis) vaccine. The suit was filed against vaccine manufacturer Wyeth, which was purchased […]

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American Lung Association wants Smoking Cessation Coverage in Your Health Plan

Whille the debate over health insurance reform rages on, one topic not being highlighted is coverage for smoking cessation programs. According to the American Lung Association, such a program is a key strategy in the battle to reduce tobacco usage, and the health issues that result from it. In a report released last November, “Helping […]

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