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Friday Filmstrips: How Does Health Insurance Work?

Most of us know that having reliable, inexpensive health insurance coverage is important, but many of us still don’t understand exactly how health insurance works. For today’s Friday Filmstrip, we offer this video from “Stay Smart, Stay Healthy” and YouTube, which cleverly explains the system.

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Louisiana Insurance Department Targets Health Insurance Scammers

Stories about insurance fraud abound in the auto insurance industry, but investigators in the Louisiana Department of Insurance Fraud Section have now served the American Trade Association, along with its thirteen companion companies and fourteen employees with “cease and desist” orders for selling fraudulently marketed “medical discount plans” as health insurance plans in the state […]

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AMA Says 95 out of 100 Physicians Are Hit with Medical Liability Claims

The American Medical Insurance (AMA) has released a new report that reveals a scary statistic: an average of 95 medical liability claims are filed for every 100 physicians. That’s almost one claim per doctor. According to the AMA, its report has data not available anywhere else, and includes information on how medical liability claims are […]

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Foreign-Trained and Domestically-Trained Physicians Offer Essentially the Same Care, Survey Says

Roughly a quarter of all physicians currently practicing medicine in the United States completed their medical studies in some other country. A recent survey of the quality of care shows that patients receive essentially the same care no matter where their doctors trained, but a deeper look at data suggests that doctors who were not […]

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California Insurance Commissioner Announces Health Insurance Rate Transparency

You already know that shopping online can save you money on health insurance, but now the state of California has established a system that will alert consumers via email when new health insurance rates are filed in their individual markets. Speaking to the press, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said, “We want as many people […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Why We Need Universal Health Care

Three months after the passage of the health care insurance reform plan, people are still complaining that we don’t need universal health care. Some state governments are even suing the feds because they feel universal health care is somehow unconstitutional. Rather than going into a long-winded explanation of why we’re for universal health care, we […]

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Feds Announce Largest Healthcare Fraud Takedown Ever

Anyone who is, or has a parent who is, covered by medicare knows that healthcare fraud is a tangible risk. Some good news, then, on this Monday, is that Attorney General Eric Holder and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced last Friday at a healthcare fraud summit in Miami, that the feds are in the process […]

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Missouri Files Suit Against Federal Health Care Plan

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder of Missouri filed a lawsuit today to block federally mandated health insurance in his state, claiming that Congress’s health care overhaul has overstepped governmental authority, and infringed upon state sovereignty. Kinder’s suit, filed by himself and three other Missouri residents, asserted that the federal government may not force people to purchase […]

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Health Care Overhaul May Mean Longer Lines at ER

The Associated Press office in Chicago is reporting that healthcare overhaul may mean even longer waiting times in emergency rooms around the country. ERs are often the only choice for patients who don’t have access to walk-in clinics or primary care physicians, but under the new health law, more may be turning to emergent care […]

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