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Friday FilmStrip: Insurance and College Students

School children around the country were back in the classroom earlier this week, which means if your college student hasn’t already gone back to school (or gone for the first time) he or she will be leaving soon. When getting your college student ready to go, don’t overlook the insurance. This video gives you an […]

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Film Strip: Get the Most Out of your Health Plan

Whether your health plan is an individual policy or an employer-sponsored health plan, there are ways you can maximize your health insurance dollars. This video, from StaySmart StayHealthy & YouTube, shows you how:

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Too Old for Pediatrician?

It’s a question many of us don’t remember asking, but at some point in our lives, often when we’re eighteen and heading off to college, we make the transition from seeing a pediatrician to getting our health care from an adult doctor. As a parent, however, you have to help your teenager make that transition. […]

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Friday Film Strip: Life Insurance and Age

Many people have said that it’s never too early to buy life insurance, but does age really affect the cost? This video from YouTube and eHow answers that question.

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Friday Filmstrips: A look at Pet Insurance

As much as many of us consider them so, our pets are not actually our children, and as such their medical expenses are not deductible. Unfortunately, some animals have expensive medical needs, even so. Certain large breed dogs are prone to hip issues, for example, while some small breeds are more likely to get seizures. […]

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Monday Filmstrip: Who Chooses Your Home Repair Contractor?

Look, we’re pretty certain that everyone’s watching news about the death of Osama Bin Laden, and not reading blogs today. For that reason, we’re offering an extra video this week. The subject: Who chooses the company that fixes your home after you’ve had flood or fire damage? This is an important question, as many homeowner […]

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Friday Filmstrip (on Monday): Insurance and Funding College

State Farm Insurance used to have a web series called the MommyCast. While it’s a bit cutesy, the information in the videos is good. Today, we’re sharing an extra video, all about using insurance to fund college.

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Friday Filmstrips: Renter’s Insurance

We often talk about renter’s insurance on this blog, but it pays to be reminded why you need it. This video, from via YouTube, explains it all:

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Tornado After-care?

If you live in the mid- or southwest, you’ve probably heard tornado sirens once too often. In fact, as I’m writing this, we’re under a tornado warning here in Texas. We’re not likely to see any damage in my neighborhood, but all across the country people have died in tornadoes in the last week. It’s […]

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