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Fall is Coming; and so are Flu, Arthritis and Other Autumn Illnesses

Who does not love the fall season? The trees change color and familiar places become more scenic. Autumn is just full of magnificent colors, making it the most beautiful season of all. There also a lot of quintessential pastimes people can do during the fall season. Most of these activities involve being outdoors. After all, […]

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Video: Insurance Plans for Federal Employees

Even federal employees have a variety of health insurance plans to chose from. This video goes over several of them and helps people determine if they have the right health plan. Some of the information is also useful for the general public, such as the difference between PPO, HMO and Fee for Service plans.

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources

It’s no secret that Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc up and down the entire East Coast, but New Jersey was the hardest hit state. The video we’re sharing is of President Obama and NJ Governor Chris Christie after their tour of the shore. Below it, please find links to pages with emergency resource information and insurance […]

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Video: Distracted Walking

Recently we shared a news article about the dangers of Distracted Walking, and how that affects drivers. This week, we’re sharing a video on the same subject. We love our smartphones, but we believe there are times and places when it’s best to unplug, and put the phone away. (Video courtesy of the Associated Press)

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Easy Home Inventory Checklist Courtest of West Virginia Insurance Commissioner

Here at, we’re big proponents of everyone keeping an up-to-date home inventory both on their computer and as a hard copy stored with their homeowners insurance policy. Much advice on what to include on such a list exists, but insurance regulators in the state of West Virginia have made inventory easy. How? By creating […]

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Video: Swimming Pool Safety

With the arrival of warm weather comes the opening of pools, whether they’re in community parks or your own back yard. If you own a pool, you should take a moment to check your homeowners insurance policy, and be certain your liability coverage extends to pool accidents. You should also watch this video about keeping […]

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Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It’s a day filled with food and festive spirits, but it’s also the top day of the year for cooking-related accidents and injuries, and one of the most common causes of them is the turkey fryer. Let’s face it: anything that involves a vat of boiling oil is inherently dangerous. We’re not […]

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Tuesday Filmstrip: Life Insurance Awareness

We wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Do you have life insurance coverage? If you don’t, and believe that you don’t need it, please watch this video, and consider changing your mind:

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Tuesday Filmstrip: Calculating Life Insurance

If you’re shopping for life insurance, it’s important to know how much life insurance to buy. Some people say you should merely multiply your salary by a factor of eight, but this week’s video offers a much more accurate method of determining how much coverage you should consider. Enjoy.

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