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Car Insurance Coverage: How Much Do You Need?

Buying car insurance is often more confusing than buying a car. You have to think about the type of insurance you need, the amount of coverage, and the deductible you can afford. Not every driver needs EVERY type of insurance, though. There are laws you must meet (liability insurance) but beyond that, the rest is […]

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Hardwired vs. Wireless: Which is the Better Choice for Your Home Alarm System

Today when you buy a security system, you have to choose between hardwired and wireless. You’ll actually have to make this decision twice. Your control panel and sensors can be hardwired or wireless. The same is true for the home monitoring system, as it can also be hardwired or wireless. Is one type better than […]

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Top Features to Look For in a Home Security System

Home security systems have come a long way from the old systems whose alarm sounded if you were not quick enough to punch in your security code. Today’s technology has made home security systems much more sophisticated. This could also mean that you can get easily overwhelmed as you shop for a new system. The […]

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Professional Installation vs. DIY Home Security: Pros and Cons

Are you toying with the idea of DIY home security installation? It’s becoming more popular today as systems become wireless and easier to install. You may even save a few dollars by installing the system yourself. But, is it worth it? As with anything, there are pros and cons to each side. We help you […]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft?

You pay for homeowners insurance, and now you want to know what it covers. Rather than just assuming any issues will be covered, you should talk to your insurance agent. In this article, we’ll cover theft and what your insurance might or might not cover. Theft at Your Home Typically, homeowners insurance covers theft that […]

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How to Compare Auto Insurance Policies

There are literally hundreds of sites that allow consumers to get free and instant quotes on their auto or home insurance policies, however, very few of them provide you with information as to how to choose the best one. Often when trying to save a few bucks each month, consumers think it is best to […]

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Tips for First Time Auto Insurance Buyers

Going out on your own and getting your own auto insurance might seem exciting. It’s a big step in life. You are off your mom and dad’s policy – it’s time for your own. However, you must know, now you are a bigger risk. You don’t get the discounts mom and dad received. Before you […]

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Can you File an Auto Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

According to car industry experts, you’ll be involved in a car accident once every 17.9 years, which means an estimated three to four accidents in your lifetime. Whether the accident is small or large, you may wonder if you have to file a police report and if you don’t, can you file an insurance claim? […]

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Can I Be on My Parents’ Car Insurance?

As you grow up and hit driving age, it can be natural to assume that you would be covered on your parent’s car insurance. Don’t assume this, though. Just because you live with your parents, it doesn’t mean the insurance company will cover you automatically. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s car insurance rates.” cat=”auto”] Your parents have […]

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