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Friday Filmstrip: Car insurance rates for women

Do women really get special rates on car insurance? Actually, no. For this week’s Friday Filmstrip, here’s a video from Ehow and YouTube explaining which factors really go into rate determination.

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Friday Filmstrips: How to Buy Homeowners Insurance

We can all use a refresher on how to save money when buying homeowners insurance. The editors from Kiplinger and the nice people at YouTube have enabled us to share the following video, that offers some key tips.

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Self Improvement Can Save Money on Life Insurance

Okay, we all know that insurance underwrites use actuarial tables to asses risk factors and set premiums for each applicant. When it comes to life insurance, the higher your risk of dying early in life, the more expensive your insurance will be. There are two risk factors that you can control, and doing so will […]

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No Dental Insurance? Consider a Dental School Clinic

Whether or not health insurance reform is ever actually passed, the reality is that there are some kinds of coverage that often fall through the cracks. Smaller businesses may offer health insurance, but not vision or dental coverage, and some communities don’t have a low cost dental insurance option. What do you do, then, if […]

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Planning for Retirement? Pay Attention to Health Care

If you’re planning for retirement pay close attention to your health care options. Why? Because according to financial journal MarketWatch, this is likely to be one of the biggest costs you’ll have to absorb once you leave the workplace, even with the federal Medicare program providing your basic coverage. Why is health care so expensive […]

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Faith Based Insurance? Be Careful

At a time when many eyes and ears are focused on Washington, D.C. and a final (at least for now) verdict on health care reform, hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians are choosing another alternative. It’s called a faith-based health plan and while it can save you money on major medical expenses, there are a […]

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In an Accident? What Should You Do?

According to a survey done by a British auto insurance firm, up to 45% of commercial van drivers don’t exchange the required information when they’re in an accident, whether it’s serious or not. Here in the United States, the statistics may not be quite so scary, but a significant number of drivers have found themselves […]

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Life Insurance Shopping 101

If you’re like most people, you see those television commercials selling life insurance to people between the ages of fifty and eighty and you pretty much blow them off. If you’re particularly technologically savvy, you might even use your DVR to watch all television, so you never have to see those commercials at all. While […]

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Renters Insurance

If you’re living in an apartment, saving pennies so you can buy a house some time, and trying to cut costs where you can, you may find yourself wondering, “Is renters insurance good?” You might find yourself arguing, “After all, the landlord’s insurance will pay to rebuild the apartment if something happens. It’s not my […]

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