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How to Choose Your Life Insurance Provider

Choosing the right life insurance company from the hundreds of providers in your state alone could be downright intimidating. Not to mention exhausting. Everyone seems to be offering the best rates and the best coverage. However, not all insurers or policies are created equal. Your choice all boils down to your needs. With this in […]

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Yes, You Can Use Your Life Insurance for Retirement

It is possible to use your life insurance to supplement your golden years? In what ways? For many of us, a life insurance serves one primary purpose: to protect our loved ones from the financial burden of our sudden loss. It gives us peace of mind and assurance that everything will be okay for the […]

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Ensuring Your Family’s Future with Mortgage Life Insurance

If someone asks, “Why do you want to buy a house?”, each of us will have different reasons. Some would say that a house is an investment. Others think of it as a life goal that needs to be unlocked. To the wealthy few, a house is a status symbol. To many, it is a […]

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From A to Z: Commonly Used Insurance Terms and Definitions

How much do you know about insurance? It’s a world filled with words that sound difficult to understand. But if you were to start protecting what’s important to you, it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of insurance terms. Yes, there’s a handful of common insurance terms and definitions that should give you a […]

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Determining How Much Life Insurance You Need

We all know the importance of having a life insurance policy. Although it is something we do not wish to use too soon, it is there to ensure that the loved ones we will leave behind are protected should something unexpected happen to us. A basic life insurance, in simple terms, is a contract where […]

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A Millennial’s Introduction to Life Insurance

Here are some statistical facts about American Millennials: They make up 40 percent of the country’s unemployed workers An average millennial has $33,000 in college debt They have the highest level of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression than any other generation Pew Research aptly summarized the millennial condition in this: “The first in modern era […]

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Life Insurance by the Numbers – Factors Affecting Your Premiums

Death is a part of life. While you can take your time and defer taking out a life insurance now, this could change when you have other people depending on you financially. When the time comes to buy a life insurance policy, how much in premiums will you be paying? Your life insurance premiums are […]

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Dear Millennials, You Need Life Insurance More Than You Think

It doesn’t surprise a lot of people when they know that getting a life insurance plan is something that they usually put off because of a few reasons. One, they feel that they don’t really know where to start or who to properly reach out. Second, they would think that this something that they don’t […]

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Tuesday Filmstrip: Life Insurance Awareness

We wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Do you have life insurance coverage? If you don’t, and believe that you don’t need it, please watch this video, and consider changing your mind:

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