A Millennial’s Introduction to Life Insurance

September 28, 2017

Here are some statistical facts about American Millennials:

  • They make up 40 percent of the country’s unemployed workers
  • An average millennial has $33,000 in college debt
  • They have the highest level of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression than any other generation

Pew Research aptly summarized the millennial condition in this:

The first in modern era to have higher levels of student loan debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than any other generation at the same stage of life.

Indeed, it’s tough to “adult” when everything seems to be hell bent in making you fail. It’s even tougher when you’re unprepared for all the obligations that you are all expected to do – such as securing your financial future and getting a life insurance.

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A life insurance is probably the least thing on your mind when you’re worried about monthly credit card bills and rent payments. But making this financial decision now would be more beneficial for you than when you are older. Why?

Know these most important facts about life insurance and why you should be getting your own policy sooner than later.

It’s a form of protection.

No one wants to talk about dying. Maybe because we’re too busy trying to live to be able to entertain such morbid thoughts. But the thing is we can only delay the talk for so long; it’s one of those inevitable facts of life that we can luckily prepare for and that warrants discussion.

Imagine just what would happen to your loved ones when given these hypothetical situations: you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease; or you die to due to an accident. How would you help them deal with grief?

Financial issues that may come with a family member’s sudden death can cause more stress to an already distressed family. A life insurance helps you ensure that when one of these hypothetical situations does happen, they have a financial handle on the situation.

It’s a form of protection that benefits your loved one in your loss. Or, depending on other life insurance programs such as those bundled with investments plans, can also be a very solid financial venture.

It’s better to see an agent.

Hours of research on the internet can never par with sitting down with an agent to talk about your future plans.

Take it from us – while it’s completely viable to buy life insurance online, it’s a lot wiser to talk to an agent in person where you can discuss your options and find the best financial approach that will get your needs covered.

Crowdfunding can only go so far.

Yes, you can count on human sympathy in times of trouble but that does not mean you can just put your own financial future in the hands of kind strangers every time something in your life goes wrong.

After all, the fact that there’s no certainty over how much money you can raise, the site and the IRS take their cuts, and that there’s a very slim chance that you can earn the amount you want at a target date should all tell you to develop a more practicable securing strategy.

The best time to get one is now.

Premiums are cheaper when you are younger since you are more likely to still be healthier. The longer you delay, the more expensive your premiums get.

So take advantage of your youth and vigor by shopping for a policy and getting your own life insurance today!

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