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Liberty Mutual to Retire Regional Brands

Yesterday, in an announcement in the Insurance Journal, Liberty Mutual Insurance spokesperson Chris Goetchus shared his company’s plans to retire eight of its regional brand names, currently sold exclusively via independent agents. The brands affected, all commercial lines, are America First Insurance, Colorado Casualty, Golden Eagle Insurance, Indiana Insurance, Liberty Northwest, Montgomery Insurance, Ohio Casualty, […]

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Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

No matter where you live or what you do, having an emergency fund is a smart idea. This way, if some sort of catastrophe hits your area, or there’s a family emergency that requires you to spend an extended period away from work, you won’t be forced to dip into your retirement fund or go […]

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Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Website

There are a ton of websites out there offering life insurance. Picking one as the source for your quote requires some analysis. Here are some tips: Choose one website that represents many major life insurance companies, rather than wasting your time going from site to site. Whether you go through a broker or directly to […]

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Weather Affects Citrus Crops

Cold weather affects us all, especially since all the extra time indoors in close quarters means we’re passing colds and flu back and forth with greater than average efficiency. Cold weather affects more than just people however, and, in fact, unseasonably cold weather in Florida – including ice storms – has caused citrus growers in […]

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Cyber Crime on the Rise

If you think the concept of cyber-insurance is just a scam, consider this: last Tuesday (November 9th), the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) logged its two millionth complaint of online criminal activity. The IC3 began operating in May, 2000, as a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center, and it took […]

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